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Avoid Crisis on Steel Market

The unstable market situation caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and global politics in steel industry resulted in drastic increases in the raw materials prices. Seismotion was always treating very seriously cooperation with each client, regardless of their size. Philosophy of active support of business partners led us to decision that despite the significant increases of steel prices, we are not raising ours.

For a year now, we have been facing a completely new threat – an invisible enemy that can attack in an unpredictable way, at any time. This uncertainty requires from the market and its participants well-thought-out forecasts and dynamic actions. At the same time all of the long-term plans are burdened with a high risk, nobody knows how and what will be changed by the pandemic reality.

One of the challenges we have to face so far is an unprecedented increase in raw material prices – some have raised more than 100% in a relatively short time. Increases in steel prices seem to be particularly painful for our industry. And in recent weeks the situation on the steel material market has become even more dramatic.

SEISMOTION’s philosophy is both to look forward and be a reliable partner for all of business partners. Not only innovation, advanced products and high quality services, but also flexibility was always in our DNA. Due to our deep understanding of steel market we have predicted possibility of the crisis at first part of last year. Based on our analysis that time we decided to contract large stocks for raw material to anticipate possibility of rapid price increase. Therefore, wright now our stocks allow us to keep our strategy and pricing policy unchanged at least until the first quarter of 2022. Thanks to our longstanding positive supplier relationships and proven crisis management plan, we are still able to keep the steel profiles prices for you.

We understand the anxiety and fear induced by Coronavirus (COVID-19). In fact the entire industry must take the effects of the pandemic on its shoulders and deal with them. Hence we continue to monitor the market situation closely and actively taking steps to make sure we will provide you the service you need.