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Cutting table

Seismotion informs that new cutting table for offset
blankets is now available !!!

Working on a new pneumatic table is extremely simple – the operator controls the double pneumatic pressure and the knife using two footswitches. After starting the pressure, the knife is ready for travel to the end of the table, where it stops after cutting. This table feature, along with the high speed of the knife, makes this cutting table model very efficient. In addition, the double pressure not only holds the material firmly, but is also equipped with a knife cover – it is not possible to activate the knife itself when the cover is raised. On the whole table, including the top of the attachment, there is an adjustable band, which facilitates even positioning of the material. The design of the knife drive, together with clamps and covers, allows cutting thin sections of materials. The station is equipped with an electronic ruler programmable by a touch panel – the ruler moves to a given length and serves as a base.